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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pick a team - any team!

I am not a sports minded person in the least but, my husband loves his teams!  My daughter has had a Yankees something ever since she was born and my boys well - there whole room is Yankees (pinstripes and everything!)

Oh and did I mention our beloved Jeter - our dog that passed away :( (miss you sweetie)

But it got me thinking about favorite teams and kids, so I created some onesie stickers with baseball and football teams!  And the best part is you can customize with your favorite team!  Check out my Esty listing for more info.


For the older kids how about a personalized placemat?  Fun right!

Next - girls version - maybe some pink??

Sunday, March 25, 2012

First Communion Party

First Communion season is in full swing and today I had the pleasure of creating decorations for my nephews First Communion Party.

First is the invitation (names have been changed).  I wanted the look to be fitting for a young boy but, not to young.  I choose a dark blue and added the green since it is my nephews favorite color.  The cross is made from sheer organza ribbon to give a softer feel.


1st Communion Banner

I really had fun with the banner I created a "logo" for the party that was carried through out the decorations.

"logo" added to banner

What's a party without sweets!  Cupcake Toppers and Table Tents completed the look on the dessert table

Cupcake Topper
Table Tents to label the sweets
Table tents aren't just for place cards!

The best part was looking around the room and seeing the customized water bottles.  It really brought the theme of the party all together.
Custom Water Bottle Labels
Custom Water Bottle Labels

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I tend to be one of those people that can only work in a clean space.  The only problem is...I'm also one of those people that make a huge mess while working.  Last week my workspace looked like a bomb hit it.  Paper everywhere, boxes pulled out, stuff spilled everywhere, and don't even get me started on the toys!

That's when I needed to hit the restart button.  I cleaned everything!  Organized to my hearts delight.  While doing this I realized that it actually helps to hit restart every once in a while.  I got into some old supplies and magazines I hadn't seen in while, and they gave me lots of inspiration.  I now have a renewed focus and I'm ready to craft on!

I wanted to share my latest creations - ones born out of my "restart"

 Paper flower topiary.  So far this is the only one I've done but, I hand painted the flowers and I really had fun with it. Made with flower files from
Word art.  Next to paper, typography has got to be one of my favorite things.  I love playing with the shapes and spacing to create art.
And really loved doing this...just for my hubby :)
And my newest obsession - onesie labels.  Isn't this the cutest idea ever!  Just stick to your babies onesie every month and take a picture.  It's a great way to document you child's first year...and beyond if you choose. I wish I knew about this when my kids were babies!

I will be adding these items to my Etsy site soon.  I really hope you check them out !

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Paper Beads and Patterns

 So I've been working on a few new things mainly paper beads and printable invitations.  They may seem very different from each other but there is one thing they have in common - paper!  It's kind of crazy how excited I get over paper and patterns.

Like this Communion/Christening Invitation, I love playing with the flower/dot pattern and finding the right color combinations.  You know this pattern would make a nice bead...
I'm loving all the different looks that come from paper beads.  Paper jewelry - who knew? right? 

Well apparently it's been around for a long long time but, it took me to find a kids craft kit to discover this craft.  And now I can't stop! I spend my evenings after the kids are in bead rolling beads and I have strips of paper everywhere.  But when I hear some say "This is paper?" in amazement, it all seems worth it.  Yes! It's paper! (and I made it myself!)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Resolutions - Day 5

So one of my new year's resolutions was to start blogging more often and on a more consistent basis.  It's taken me five days into the new year to get here but, I'm doing it! 

Some other resolutions I've made are things like: eating better, exercising, and getting organized.  Who doesn't have those resolutions?  But, I have to say so far, so good...  I haven't stolen any of the kids snacks or had my usual sweet treat after they've all gone to bed.  Last night I went for a kickboxing class and got an awesome membership deal (Thanks Chrisa).  I've got a few weeks of grocery shopping finished in two days; and made 18 meals all frozen and ready to go (I still need to make the remaining meals - I'm shooting for a whole months worth).

I'm great at starting all these things, it's the keeping up with it that's hard! 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

I sat down to write this because I haven't written anything in a while and I thought I was going to write about all the projects I've been working on.  I was going to tell you I've been so busy on these projects that's why I haven't posted anything in a while.  But the then it dawned on me the real!  As I sat down to type this I have my son pulling on my arm yelling, "Mom, Mom, Mom," as I try to stop him from climbing up the back of my chair and as soon as I get him off another kid comes crawling up my leg.  How come they never do this to their father.  I come down on a weekend morning and he's playing a game on the computer and they are all either watching TV or playing quietly - WHAT THE...!!!

Anyway...Just wanted to share some recent stuff.

Here is an identity I created for one of my husbands clients,
AVA Group, A Real Estate Development Company

Next is for a party for someone who just completed his EMS Certification

A banner to hang as guest enter:

3D letters (from

Now I just need to get my workspace cleaned up so I can get my other projects photographed.  But that would require some peace and quiet - I can't wait for school to start!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Prince and Princess Crown Free SVG Download

I had a great time decorating these crowns for my kids birthdays.

And think they had just as much fun wearing them.

Download a free svg file for yourself!

Just right click on link and choose "save file as"

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